A Prom Guide

This usually means the guy is headed to his formalwear specialist early to guarantee his selection. The classic tuxedo will always be in style though today you will find a wide selection of updated modem styles. Below are just a few tips to help you out, you'll find more information throughout our website or by visiting with a Varsity Formal Wear specialist at one of our convenient locations.


  • Reserve your tuxedo early - the Hottest Styles go fast! There are proms going on all over and sometimes supplies are limited.
  • Order your date's flowers as early as possible. Your florist can assist you in making the right selection.
  • Guys walk on the curbside of the street whenever walking with their date!
  • Open doors for your date... that especially includes car doors!
  • Assist your date with her chair at dinner - a great way to earn points!
  • Most importantly, make your prom a memorable event - Steer Clear of Drugs & Alcohol. Nobody wants to remember a memorial event!