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Your Wedding Day
Arranging a ceremony and a reception that both of you will remember for the rest of your lives requires planning, attention to details, and cooperation among all the people involved in your affair.
Announce your engagement.
Pick a style for your wedding.
Plan a budget.
Meet with your officiant to set a date.
Choose a reception location.
Draw up a guest list.
Select your best man, groomsmen, ushers, and ring bearer.
Decide on color scheme for apparel, flowers, and reception.
Register with a formalwear specialist and get fitted for your tuxedo.
Send out-of-town men in the wedding party moil measurement forms.
Interview caterers and bakers.
Visit with photographers and videographers.
See florists; decide on boutonnieres for all the men in your wedding party.
Draw up and sign contracts.
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Order invitations.
Plan the rehearsal dinner.
Look for your new home or apartment, if moving.
Sign up at bridal registries.
Check out and hire transportation for your wedding day.
Make your honeymoon plans.
Book a hotel room or bridal suite for your wedding night.
Help address and mail wedding invitations.
Get a physical exam and blood tests, if necessary.
Shop for your rings.
Choose gifts for your bride and the men in your wedding party.
Help write thank-you notes for gifts that arrive.
Take time out for a romantic evening with you bride-to-be.
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Get your marriage license.
Have the men in your wedding party go for fittings, including both of the fathers.
Make sure your out-of-town attendants have sent in their mail measurement forms.
Double-check all contract details with wedding vendors.
Adjust insurance policies, bonk accounts utilities, etc.
Get change-of-address cord from your post office.
Pack for your honeymoon.
Get cash for gratuities and issue checks to pay vendors.
Enjoy your bachelor party and rehearsal dinner.
Visit your formalwear specialist with the other men in the party for a final fitting and to pick up the formal attire.
Give caterer final head count.
Present your bride-to-be with her special gift.
Give the men their gifts at the rehearsal dinner.
Double-check details - ring, ring bearer's pillow, and garter.
Make sure your formal attire looks perfect - tie straight, cummerbund pleats up, and shoes polished.
Get to the church on time.
Relax and enjoy your wedding.